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The Paris Brest

Paris-Brest hazelnut praline heart
Drawing of Paris Brest and ingredients

The Paris-Brest, a great classic of French pastry.

Did you know that its round shape is the origin of the Paris-Brest bicycle race of 1891 and represents a bicycle wheel.

In 1909, Louis Durant, a pastry chef and baker from Maisons-Laffite, made a crown-shaped pastry filled with praline cream and covered with flaked almonds. Its name will become Paris-Brest in homage to this cycling race.

Today the Paris-Brest is available in many flavors: hazelnut, pistachio, coffee, pecan, etc...

Paris Brest with pecan praline


2 hours




Ingredients for 6 people

For the pastry cream
Choux pastry
Finishing the Paris-Brest cream

How to do it:

Paris Brest praline heart pecan

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