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Artisans by passion

A gourmet adventure

Recovery of the hazelnut praline

Jules & Gabrielle is the gourmet adventure of two gastronomy and pastry enthusiasts driven by the desire to make excellent products.

A youth in the countryside and a CAP in Pastry for Brigitte, a passion dating from the time when he started cooking with his grandmother for Renaud, both have learned that to make good products, you need time, love for a job well done and especially good ingredients.

After having each led their careers in other sectors, they seized the opportunity offered by the Covid pandemic to share and live their common passion. Jules & Gabrielle was born with a spread as a starting point.

Then came the nut purees, then the pralines, then...

Today, from the enlightened amateurs who bake for their loved ones to the great names of the kitchen and pastry industry who must satisfy the demands of a demanding clientele, Jules & Gabrielle products are recognized for their incomparable qualities, flavors and textures.

Our greatest pride? Admiring (and tasting of course!) the delights our customers make with our products...

A question, a particular need, a desire, we are at your disposal!

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